Step into a world of legwear excellence with saint sass.

Our exclusive double-wrapped yarn guarantees tear-resistant durability, complemented by an extra-wide comfort waistband, reinforced toe and heel areas and a gentle shaping effect with targeted compression.

Elevate your legwear experience with saint sass, where quality seamlessly blends with benefits, ensuring legs that radiate extraordinary style and


    Wrap those legs with saint sass's double-wrapped yarn tights! Crafted for durability by the dynamic duo Vivien and Larissa, these tights are tougher than a Monday morning. Say goodbye to ordinary tights; this superhero duo laughs in the face of tears. Twice as resistant as your attempts to avoid spoilers, they are the superwoman of legwear — made with love in Italy.

    Wrap yourself in next-level comfort with saint sass's tights and their extra-wide comfort waistband. No drama, just support that won't play hard to get - cozy hug guarantee. Feel the super-soft embrace against your skin, because settling for less? Not on our watch. saint sass is rewriting the comfort and style playbook, where our wide waistband and luxe softness team up to redefine legwear standards.

    Unleash the durability power play with saint sass's tights, armed with a reinforced toe and heel area. Crafted with strategic brilliance, these tights declare war on common tearing issues. These tights prioritize longevity by offering a tear-resistant shield in all the right places. With reinforced resilience, they are not just tights; they are a formidable solution to the age-old problem of premature tearing. saint sass has got you covered!

    Elevate your silhouette game with saint sass's tights, boasting a gentle shaping effect that's like a magic touch. Crafted to accentuate your natural curves, these tights deliver comfortable support while giving your legs a VIP pass to healthy blood flow. It is the perfect blend of style and function as our shaping effect embraces your body in a loving hold. Confidence and comfort unite in a subtle yet effective dance, ensuring you own the room with every step. Say hello to the perfect pairing of fashion and well-being courtesy of saint sass.

    Give your legs a VIP treatment with saint sass's tights—precision-engineered for optimal support through the magic of targeted compression. Our design genius isn't just about looks; it is a symphony of comfort and well-being, promoting healthy blood circulation for legs that feel like they just had a spa day. Experience the bliss of reduced fatigue and enhanced comfort as our compression technology works its soothing magic.

When you opt for saint sass tights, you're making a choice for the highest quality.

Our ultra-resistant product is designed to withstand numerous wears without a trace of tearing, elevating it far beyond the realm of ordinary tights. These are not your typical classics; saint sass tights represent durability at its finest, ensuring each wear is a testament to exceptional quality.

saint sass set a new standard, providing enduring and superior legwear.


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Regular price 24,90 €
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Regular price 24,90 €

Over 10,000 satisfied customers.

"The best tights I've ever had!"


"I immediately liked the idea with the statements. At the latest, when I had them in my hands, I was completely convinced."


"They last forever, and I'm totally thrilled with how durable they are."



Frequently Asked Questions

Vivien and Larissa worked for months on the perfect tights. We have developed a tights yarn that... is not just single but double wound. This means our tights are twice as tear-resistant as conventional tights. We also hid the toes and heels, which are the two areas most prone to running stitches. For these reasons we call ours tights are also lovingly the superwoman among tights.

We spent months developing our tights. That's why we are very confident about the quality! And that's why we've decided to give you an anti-run guarantee. If you get a run in the first 30 days after purchase, we will replace it, completely FREE! You can find all the information about it here.

PS - Please note that we cannot offer this guarantee for our 20 den tights.

The largest part of the price is the tights themselves, which we have produced in Italy. Tights from Asia would of course be cheaper, but our quality is unbeatable and definitely worth the investment. What's the point of wearing tights that are cheap but immediately pull a stitch the first time you wear them. The second largest part involves making the statement. This is lovingly handcrafted in Saarland. Further costs include shipping and logistics costs, as well as the costs for our team in Berlin.

We have been working on our tights for a long time. The result, a pantyhose that is in no way inferior to luxury pantyhose brands. With the aim of accompanying you on your journey for as long as possible. After all, what's the use of tights that are cheap but run down the first time you wear them?